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Parenting is one of the hardest things in life and it takes a lot to raise kids into adulthood. In their teenage years, raising young people can be a hard thing, especially with the availability of the internet and how accessible it is using mobile gadgets.

It does not take much for a young person to go to an inappropriate website and be exposed to all sorts of things that corrupt his or her mind for a lifetime. As such, it helps when we protect our kids and monitor the kind of things they do while on the internet. While we cannot banish the use of the internet entirely, it is possible to take a role in guiding our children on the right path.

Tracking history using FreePhoneTracker

Tracking history using FreePhoneTracker
Tracking history using FreePhoneTracker

When kids are exposed to things that are beyond their years, we notice the change in their attitude and the way they behave around us because they feel they know everything and are all grown up. It can be a tricky thing to handle, especially when you are not sure where all the rebellion is coming from.

In most cases, exposure to things on the internet can be the cause, this is why as a parent, and you need to track the history of your child’s browser history. There are many things that could go wrong on the internet and there are many ills that young people are being lured into doing through the internet that could be potentially harmful if not fatal.

By doing a simple act like tracking the browser history using FreePhoneTracker, it gets easy to diagnose the issues your child could be dealing with and get them the appropriate help. It becomes easier to know what your child is up to, even if you are not around.

Most parents need to work and this means they cannot be there with their children every minute. FreePhoneTracker offers the much-needed assistance that parents need to raise responsible adults.

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Features of FreePhoneTracker

This is an app that has different tracking features that are needed when you want to monitor the activity on a given phone. By using this app, it is easy to check the activities that your children engage in while on the phone and most especially online. It helps you know the amount of data the kid is using and the kind of content they are viewing. It is not always easy to instil good morals into kids as they grow up and content can make things even worse. By gaining the wrong images and information, kids often find themselves in precarious situations and they may indulge in activities that can be damaging. This is an application to aid parents in tracking the activities of their kids on the internet.

Some other features of the app include

  • Reading texts
  • Monitoring social media activities
  • Monitoring the internet history of the user


FreePhoneTracker is undetectable and can be controlled remotely as required. All the above features mean that parents will always be in the know. They get intel regarding the kind of content the kids are viewing and also any activities that they are engaging in without their knowledge.