FreePhoneTracker: Best Free Phone Tracker App

We are going to introduce you to FreePhoneTracker (Free Phone Tracker). It is a free tracking application. Include more than 10+ free tracking features.

  • Track all incoming, outgoing, or deleted text messages
  • View call history
  • Track phone location
  • Monitor Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Viber, etc
  • Record A Phone Call
  • Live Voice Recording
  • Works on any Android device


FreePhoneTracker App

What is FreePhoneTracker
What is FreePhoneTracker

FreePhoneTracker is the best location tracking app for both Android and iPhone devices. It offers many other additional features apart from finding a mobile phone location. It is the most popular and widely used mobile phone tracking app. People prefer FreePhoneTracker over other apps for various reasons, and some of them are listed below:

  • Stealth mode: It is a special feature that is offered only by a few mobile phone tracker apps. Stealth mode allows tracking the location of a person without the person knowing about it. In simple words, you can track anyone without them knowing that they are being tracked by you.
  • No jailbreak required: It is the most important advantage of FreePhoneTracker and only a few apps offer this. No rooting or jailbreaking is required to track a mobile phone. Jailbreaking means permission to access all the files on the mobile phone. FreePhoneTracker doesn’t need jailbreaking, so this feature makes it more trustworthy.
  • Web-based interface: FreePhoneTracker works on any internet browser which makes it highly portable. There is no need to install any app on your mobile phone to track the location.
  • The initial setup is very easy: FreePhoneTracker provides a demo before you subscribe to it.
  • It is affordable: The pricing model of FreePhoneTracker is very low or can be considered free.


FreePhoneTracker Setup

FreePhoneTracker is very easy to setup. Once the setup is done, it is easier to use. All you have to do is click on the features. Steps to setting up FreePhoneTracker are as follows:

Step 1: Download FreePhoneTracker

FreePhoneTracker version 2.0

Click the button “Download Free Phone Tracker” below and accept the terms and conditions of us to download it.


1.1/ For Android

To track an Android mobile phone using FreePhoneTracker, you have to access the mobile phone once. Install the FreePhoneTracker app on the target mobile phone.

1.2/ For iPhone

To track an iPhone, you need iCloud credentials. After verifying the iCloud credentials, you can track the location of the mobile phone. You don’t have to access the mobile phone even once.

Step 2: Register Your Account

After the installation, you must register your account (include email/password). And hide the FreePhoneTracker on the target device, press the "Start Monitoring" button. The setup is complete and now you can track the cell phone in Real-Time.

Step 3: Log in to Free Control Panel

After this, you can log in to FreePhoneTracker Panel at where you can find the necessary information, features, etc.

Tracking A Device In Stealth Mode

Tracking A Device In Stealth Mode
Tracking A Device In Stealth Mode

If you want to track a mobile phone without the person knowing about it, FreePhoneTracker is the best software to do so.

To track an Android mobile phone

To track the device, you have to install the FreePhoneTracker app on it. After the installation is completed, the app does not show in the app icon and does not consume any batteries also. The user won’t be able to know about the existence of the app. The size of the app is less than 2MB. If you wish to delete the app, you can delete it through the FreePhoneTracker dashboard. Once the app is installed on the user’s mobile phone, you can track the location.

To track iPhone

Tracking an iPhone is much easier than tracking Android mobile phones. You don't have to install any app, but you must know the iCloud credentials of the iOS device. After the verification, you can track iOS devices without the user knowing that they are being tracked.

Features Of FreePhoneTracker

Features Of FreePhoneTracker
Features Of FreePhoneTracker

Apart from tracking the location of Android mobile phones and iPhones, there are other features available on FreePhoneTracker that make it different from all the other free mobile tracker apps. Some of the features are listed below:

Free GPS Tracking

This is the basic feature of any mobile tracker app. FreePhoneTracker can efficiently track the location of the device. It allows stealth mode where the person is monitored without them knowing about it. FreePhoneTracker can be used to track the location of any device at any time.

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Call Tracking

FreePhoneTracker enables this feature where you can see the call details. All the calls made by the mobile phone are visible with call duration, caller identity, etc. This feature can help your loved ones to take better care of you.

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It is a feature where you can create a boundary or fence for the user on the map. Every time the user crosses the fence, you will be notified. This feature ensures the safety of your loved ones.

SMS Tracker

This feature is the same as the call tracker. Here, you can track the messages and see every detail of them.

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Photo/Video Tracking

You can track the activities of people on social media that includes the photos and videos that they are posting or sending.

Messenger Tracker

Here, you can track the messages & chats and see every detail of IM Apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram.


FreePhoneTracker is used by a variety of people to know the whereabouts of their loved ones. It helps parents to keep an eye on their children and in a similar way, it helps a lot of people.

Top Free Mobile Phone Tracker Apps

Top Free Mobile Phone Tracker Apps
Top Free Mobile Phone Tracker Apps

The best free mobile phone tracker apps that are available are listed below:

  • Cocospy: It is also a mobile tracker app that works both on Android as well as iPhone. It is a tough competitor for the FreePhoneTracker app with all the additional features.
  • Google Maps: It is one of the most widely used platforms to find the location of a device for free. Unlike FreePhoneTracker and Cocospy, it does not have any advanced features. It works on both Android and iPhone.
  • Life 360: It is a unique app designed to track your family members. It is a simple app with not many features.
  • Geo Tracker: It is a very interesting tracking app. It not only tracks your location but also remembers the path you took to get there. It is suitable for treks and other adventurous activities.
  • Glympse: This is another simple app with not many features, but it does work well. Glympse tracks the location of the device very efficiently and the shared location is called "Glympse". It is one of the best location-sharing apps.
  • TheOneSpy: It has many other features along with tracking the location. It is one of the best free mobile tracker apps.
  • FamiSafe: It is a location tracker designed especially for families. But if you track someone, they will know about it. That means stealth mode is not available.
  • Find My iPhone: It is a built-in app on all iPhone devices. To find the location of your iPhone device when you have lost it, log in with your details on any other iPhone and track your device.
  • Where's My Droid: It is also a location tracking app. It is mostly used to find the lost device.

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