Free Phone Tracker Features

Free Phone Tracker Features

By owning a smartphone, we all want to know where our loved ones are. Wouldn’t it be great to check out the location of the people you care about and be available if they ever get into trouble? The Free Phone Tracker app provides you with abundant features that will relieve you of all your worries. It is not ideal for a person to constantly update their family members about their location. That’s where the mobile tracking apps come into play. This is a mobile tracking app that comes with numerous specialities and is unique compared to any other tracking app out there.

What is Free Phone Tracker
What is Free Phone Tracker

What is Free Phone Tracker

Free Phone Tracker is an application software that constantly monitors your location. They function by activation of the GPS. A GPS or a Global Positioning System is a tracking system that pinpoints your location of the concerned device. This navigation system connects various networks of satellites to track the location. These satellites send back the data of the precise location to the devices. The GPS receiver monitors the signal and compares the time at which it was sent and received. This data is then prompted to the GPS receiver system that calculates the precise location of the device with efficiency and accuracy.

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Top Features of Free Phone Tracker app

Top Features of Free Phone Tracker app
Top Features of Free Phone Tracker app

Free Phone Tracker is the best mobile tracking app for both Android and iPhone devices. It has a lot of great features that have never been seen before in any of the mobile tracking apps on the market. Some of its amazing features are listed below:

Free GPS tracker

The main attractive feature of the Free Phone Tracker app is that it lets you track the location of your friends and family by using a free GPS tracker. It will help you find their mobile phone within just a few minutes. The accuracy of this app is very high and is updated frequently. You can also enable notifications through custom services to specifically track a person. With free tracking service, Free Phone Tracker provides you with an effective navigator function. You can also set intervals of time for tracking a particular device.

Text Message Spy

This app lets you send and receive text messages through your phone to your contacts. It also keeps a record of erased SMS and MMS for future references. You can easily view the content of each text message. They can also see the message status, i.e. if the message has been delivered or not. The name of the sender as well as the recipient is displayed and shows the time and date of the particular message. Additionally, it even shows the GPS coordinates and location of the phone at the time of the message transactions. This makes the Free Phone Tracker app stand out from the rest.

Spy Call Recording

One of the important features other mobile tracking apps miss out on is the call recording option. Users often would like to record a call to replay it later for better understanding and other purposes. This app lets you record the time and duration of the call. It also displays the type of the call, i.e. if it is an incoming or outgoing call. With the help of GPS coordinates and locations, you can find out the location of the phone at the time of the call.

WhatsApp Spy

WhatsApp is widely used by everyone who has a smartphone. It is one of the essential social networking applications on every mobile. You can monitor the WhatsApp activity with the Free Phone Tracker app. It allows you to view all the sent and received messages from different people. You can view the details of the message like type, date, and recipient. Furthermore, the phone doesn’t need to be rooted.

Facebook Spy

Facebook has millions of accounts associated with it. You can text, send images and videos, call, create a group and perform lots of activities on this platform. The Free Phone Tracker app allows you to view all the text messages that are sent and received from people. It displays the date, time and recipient of each message for easy access. Just like WhatsApp, it does not ask for root access. This app allows you to access all the necessary applications in one place.

Snapchat Spy

Snapchat is obsessively used by young adults. The main attraction is the filters on Snapchat that are creative and updated every week. Just like other social networking platforms, you can send and receive messages from Snapchat and the Free Phone Tracker app allows you to track this activity. You can see the name of the person who sent the image or video snap. It works without rooting the phone.

Gmail Spy

Gmail is one of the leading mail applications used by everyone regularly. You can retrieve the received e-mails by using the Free Phone Tracker app. It comes with advanced features like HTML5 messaging and you can view the date and time of the mail. You can even mark important emails to easily access them in the future. The deleted emails automatically go into the bin where the e-mails are stored for about a month.

Live Viewing

The Free Phone Tracker app lets you view the live videos on your phone. You can use the live phone camera feature that displays audios and videos. You can also choose the facing of the camera, i.e. front and rear side. As a parent, you can use this feature to track the content viewed by your child. You can know the details of the person you are talking to with this app.

File Manager

With loads of data being stored on our phone regularly, it’s important to organize it properly so that it can be accessed easily in the future. The Free Phone Tracker app does the job for you. You can remotely use the files stored on your device. Access and backup the local media files instantly. Save images and videos from social networking sites into files. Have a structured view of the files with proper file names. It displays the file modification information and other important details.

Audio recording

You can record an audiotape for about 20 minutes. You can also use a VLC player to download and play the audio file.


These extraordinary features along with many other necessary applications have shown that the Free Phone Tracker app is an effective one. Users are so satisfied with the operation and working of the app, it has become very successful.

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