Spy Call Recorder

By using FreePhoneTracker spy recorder, you will be able to listen to both the side of the conversation. You will know what your employees and loved ones are talking about. You can use this feature for free. It helps you to record live phone calls. You can listen to live calls as well as previous calls.

Record Calls

Record live calls and listen to them

Listen to Calls

Listen to all the call recordings

Save Recordings

Save all the call recordings


Why need Call Recorder app?

This feature is very beneficial for parents. You can now listen to your child’s phone conversation if you think something is going wrong. If you think that your child is taking to strangers, you can confirm it using this feature. You can also record your employee’s phone conversation to know if they are betraying your company’s. It will prevent them from sharing your trade secrets with others.


Why Choose FreePhoneTracker Spy Call Recorder?

Spy call Recorder helps you to do much more than recording phone calls.

Record Calls

You can use this feature to record all the calls. You can record live calls and listen to them. You can record calls with any time duration.

Listen to Calls

You can listen to all the call recordings. You can listen to live call recordings as well as all the previous call recordings. You can listen to all the calls in clear sound. There is no disturbance.

Save Recordings

You can even save all the call recordings. You will be able to save any recordings for future use. You can save all the important call recordings.


The calls will be recorded with date and time. You can check the date and time of each recording while listening to the calls.

Spy Call Recorder in 3 simple steps!

Download the app

The process is lengthy for android. For setting up the app in android, you need the person’s phone. After you get the phone, you have to turn on the sources. Then go to the website and download the app. After downloading, install the app on the phone.


Create your free account

After installation, you need to register an account. In the end, you need to hide the app and delete the browsing history.


Start monitoring and rest easy

In this step, you have to log in to continue spying. Use your personal phone and login from the site. Choose the Spy Call Recorder option to record all the calls. You can check the previous recording and click on it to listen to it.