Free SMS Tracker

Free SMS Tracker

Mobile tracking applications are rising in quantity and with headstrong features in each of them. FreePhoneTracker provides you with free SMS tracking services that give you accurate and precise results. Text messaging has been used as a substitute tool for calling since it provides a lot of benefits. You can multitask by using a widget while texting simultaneously.

A text message also records the conversation between the users to correlate to the previous text. It is also private because it eliminates the fear of being overheard. You can collect your thoughts and give an appropriate response without making the other person wait while you think. You can communicate with a bunch of people at the same time by having discussions and forming groups in the text messaging service. You can also express your text effectively by using emoticons.

Text Message Tracking

Text Message Tracking
Text Message Tracking

The SMS tracking feature of the FreePhoneTracker app provides you numerous benefits like:

  • The date and time of the message are visible in this app.
  • You can also check if the message is sent or not.
  • This app provides you with the details of the sender and receipt of the message.
  • The time and date of the particular message are automatically displayed.
  • Your phone receives the location of the sender when the message was sent.


Steps to Track on Text Messages

Steps to Track on Text Messages
Steps to Track on Text Messages

The setup of SMS tracking in FreePhoneTracker comes with the whole package and its steps are described as follows:

Step 1: Download SMS Tracker Free

You need to install the FreePhoneTracker app to fully use the benefits of the free SMS tracking feature by them. Carefully, follow the instruction manual to download FreePhoneTracker on the target device.

Download at:

Step 2: Setup & Register

After installed FreePhoneTracker on the phone, you must register your account include email/password. Hide the FreePhoneTracker to track text messages on silent.

Step 3: Monitor

Log in to Live Panel ( and you can also know if the person is giving real-time responses from your dashboard. You can check the live messages and get notifications. The message history is easily accessible from the chat window. You can always check your dashboard for any missed conversations and details of the chat history.

Other features of FreePhoneTracker

Other features of FreePhoneTracker
Other features of FreePhoneTracker

The other extraordinary features provided by the FreePhoneTracker app are:

  • Call recording: The auto-forward option records both ends of every conversation and saves a copy of the record into your user account. You can access it any time you want. The recordings can be stored and downloaded.
  • Social media monitoring: This is the ideal feature for parents to regulate the content used by their child through social media platforms like Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and much more. You can see the list of people they talk to and their conversations as well.
  • GPS tracking: The GPS tracking feature of the FreePhoneTracker app is very famous and used by people around the world. You can easily pinpoint the location of a person within 3 minutes.
  • Email monitoring and recording: You can access outgoing and incoming emails all in one place. You can further timestamp and store important emails for future reference.
  • Call monitoring: The exclusive call log feature allows you to see the contact details of every number dialed, and also store the duration of the call. Additionally, you can retrieve all this information from the backup store and download it if any file is missing or deleted.
  • Contact access: The FreePhoneTracker app gives instant access to details like names, email addresses, phone numbers, and other specifications with respect to designated mobile devices.
  • Browser history: You can monitor the browser history of your child to safeguard them against viewing any inappropriate videos, photos, or website content. You can also block some content that you find inappropriate.
  • Remote access: You can access the photos and videos remotely on other devices and save them into that particular gadget. It is not that the app is installed in the destination device, but it should be present in the source device.
  • Monitor all activities: You can even monitor and regulate all incoming and outgoing activities in real-time with the help of any device.


It is imperative for every parent to be concerned about their child’s activity on their phone. This one simple app is your gateway to end all worries. You can monitor and regulate their social media presence at all times without sending them notifications. This app is also user-friendly and comes with an easy-to-read manual to help beginners install it. It is compatible with all operating systems and different versions. The unlimited services provided by the FreePhoneTracker app cannot beat any other application out there.