WhatsApp Spy

WhatsApp Spy

WhatsApp is one of the most used chatting apps among people. Young, old, teenagers and all age groups are associated with WhatsApp to interact with their friends, family, and acquaintances. The major concern arises with teenagers who are giving too much exposure to the WhatsApp chatting application. Therefore, parent’s concerns lead them to track their teenagers with the WhatsApp Spy.

Not only this, but anyone can use the WhatsApp Spy to keep an eye on others. In this regards, FreePhoneTracker has introduced its free application, i.e. WhatsApp Spy.

What is WhatsApp Spy
What is WhatsApp Spy

What is WhatsApp Spy

The WhatsApp Spy app allows you to read WhatsApp messages on other devices without letting those people aware of any kind of spying taking place. Hence, this surveillance activity over someone’s mobile phone is very secretive and lets the person read all the messages. The installation of the application is different in Android and iOS-based devices.


Steps to Spy on WhatsApp

Steps to Spy on WhatsApp
Steps to Spy on WhatsApp

Therefore, you need to learn about how to put the FreePhoneTracker app on the concerned person’s device and gain access to the WhatsApp messages.

It is a little tricky to track WhatsApp messages on Android devices because initially, you need to physically access your target’s device to install the FreePhoneTracker app.

Step 1: Download & install the WhatsApp Spy app

The app is very small in size, so it won’t take too much space. You can download WhatsApp Spy at

Step 2: Install & Register Your Account

Then, install the app on the target’s device and everything will get automatically managed on the device by the app. Apart from that, the app completely works in the background which never lets the owner learn about this activity.

Step 3: Log in to FreePhoneTracker Dashboard

After the successful installation, just go to the account dashboard at from any web browser. You will get the tab of WhatsApp Spy, click on it, and there, you will get the details of every contact and the conversations too. However, it would take about 2-10 minutes of time when you first go to check the conversations on WhatsApp.

How is FreePhoneTracker the Safest WhatsApp Surveillance App?

  1. Genuine and safe app-FreePhoneTracker is a completely genuine and safe application. The app never stores any of your personal information or endorses any kind of virus or malware. Most importantly, it is also very safe over the target’s device as well.
  2. Works very secretly or in the hidden mode-The application makes its presence very secretive on the target’s Android or iOS phone. This attribute of the FreePhoneTracker app saves you from the risk-generating suspicion. The suspicion also may lead to legal actions on you in case the app fails to maintain its secrecy. So, in this regard, you can completely rely on the app for secrecy.
  3. Remote surveillance-You can easily track all of the WhatsApp activity of your target without being near him/her. That means that you can be at your isolated place and FreePhoneTracker will let you watch your target’s WhatsApp conversations.
  4. Saves deleted messages-The most interesting feature of FreePhoneTracker app is that you don’t need to worry about the deleted messages of your target’s WhatsApp conversation. You can view all those deleted messages as well at your convenience.
  5. No extra app required: FreePhoneTracker app provides a lot more features other than WhatsApp Spy, so a single app can do other activities as well. However, the app doesn’t require any installation, if your target is having an iPhone. If it is an Android Phone, then to monitor the activity of your target it requires app installation.


The FreePhoneTracker Application is one of the safest and reliable apps for users to monitor their targets by using a variety of features along with the WhatsApp Spying app.