2 Ways to Get Someone's Gmail Password without User Knowing

2 Ways to Get Someone’s Gmail Password without User Knowing

Gmail has become the primary email people use. Earlier, there were many different types of email services. But now, Gmail dominates it.

Almost every person has a Gmail id. It is easy to use and convenient. Gone are the days when people used to rely on Yahoo mail or Hotmail.

Gmail is a product of Google. Nowadays, most cell phones need a Google account to integrate all the data. Because of this, you compulsorily need a Gmail account.

You can do many things with this account. It works with YouTube, Google account, Play Store, and many other things.

Apart from this, it is perfect for managing your emails. You can easily sort all your emails into different categories. It makes your life easier.

However, sometimes, you will have to check someone’s Gmail to spy on them. To do this, you will need the password. Without a password, you cannot access the account.

You need to hack the password so that you can spy on all the Gmail activities. By hacking Gmail, you will be able to check the location of the phone along with multimedia files and web browsing history.

It is perfect for parents. If you want to spy on your kids, the best thing you can do is get their Gmail password to check all the activities.

Gmail Password Hacking

Gmail Password Hacking
Gmail Password Hacking

There are many ways by which you can easily hack the Gmail password. However, you need to be careful because not all methods are safe.

There is some method that is illegal and risky. If you use these methods, you can fall into big trouble.

Instead, you can use methods that are safe and easy. There are many such methods of hacking.

You can easily obtain the password and use it for spying on all the Gmail activities. Moreover, you will be able to check all the emails in the inbox as well as the outbox.

You can open each mail and read it. You can use it to hack their social media using the forgot password option. However, you can also use it to check all the images and videos.

You can access the Gmail account to check the browsing history of the device and the location of the phone. You can do many things by simply using the password.

Two Ways to Get Gmail Password

There are plenty of ways you can use to get a Gmail password, but not all ways are discreet. There are some ways that are risky. If you use these ways, you can easily get caught. You need to use discreet methods so that the user will never come to know about it. Here are some discreet ways to get a Gmail password.

Gmail Phishing

Gmail Phishing
Gmail Phishing

It is the one method you can use to get a Gmail password. Out of all the methods, this is the oldest one. Unlike other methods, it is not really risky. The chances of success are less, but it is safe. You need some technical skills to use this method. In the phishing method, you have to create a fake Gmail login page at This page should be very similar to the original page. After you create the page, you have to send it to the person. You can send it as a link. If the person is not really aware of phishing, they will open the link and enter their Gmail password. Once they enter the credentials, you will get it.

The link will not work as it is fake. Now, you can use the password to hack Gmail. This is the easiest way to get it. However, many people know about this scam, so they are very averse. It will not reveal your identity even if you get caught, so it is safe.

Free Phone Tracker

Free Phone Tracker
Free Phone Tracker

Free Phone Tracker is a very famous spying software. You can use this software to hack Gmail password. Out of all the ways, this is the simplest and easiest one. This method is really discreet so that the user will never know about it. This spy app is made for phones. You have to use it on the phone to get the password. It is compatible with iPhone and Android phones. You can use it with both phones. To use this app, you have to install this app on an Android phone.

You can download the FreePhoneTracker app at

For iPhone, you can just enter cloud credentials. Once it is done, you can log in to get all the Gmail details. If you just want to check the emails and other mailing activities, you can choose the Gmail Spy option. But if you want the password, you can use the Keylogger. This feature tracks all the keystrokes on the phone. So when the person enters their Gmail credentials, it will be recorded. You can log in and check the password. The user will never come to know about it.

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