How to Hack My Girlfriend’s WhatsApp Messages

Most of the couples face problems in their relationships. Out of all the problems, the most common one is cheating.

Cheating has become very common among teenagers and others. If you are in a relationship, it is possible that your partner might be cheating on you.

In most of the cases, it is the male gender who cheat, but nowadays even girls are cheating in their relationship.

So if you think that your girlfriend is cheating on you, you need to do something about it.

If you are not sure that she is cheating you need to find out the truth. If she is hiding something from you or is constantly busy on her phone, you need to spy on it.

The best way to find out the truth is to check her WhatsApp messages. But it is easier said than done. You cannot just directly open her WhatsApp and check the messages.

You have to do it secretly in such a way that she doesn’t come to know about it. The best option, in this case, is using a spy app.

With these apps, you can easily hack your girlfriend’s WhatsApp. You can remotely hack it and check all the activities.

Hacking WhatsApp

Hacking WhatsApp
Hacking WhatsApp

When you secretly check your girlfriend’s WhatsApp to read the messages, it means hacking. In some cases, hacking is inevitable.

However, you need to be very careful. Make sure the method that you are using is genuine and safe.

By hacking your girlfriend’s WhatsApp, you will be able to read each and every group and personal chats. You can read her entire conversation with different people.

You can check all the media files she exchanges. Moreover, you can open photos and videos and view them. You can also check other documents and files.

You can also check her call logs on WhatsApp. There are voice and video call details on WhatsApp. You can check the details.

All this information will be enough to find the truth. It will help you to make the right decision.

How to Hack WhatsApp?

When it comes to WhatsApp hacking, you have to be really careful. You need to use methods that are easy and safe. People mostly use spying and hacking apps to do it.

However, you need to be really careful. Some of these apps are fake and illegal. If you use these apps, you can fall into trouble. You have to use a genuine app. Make sure the app is compatible with your girlfriend’s phone and easy to use. This app should also contain WhatsApp Spy features.

Hacking Android Phone

Hacking Android Phone
Hacking Android Phone

The hacking method differs on the basis of the operating system. If your girlfriend is using an android phone, you need to use this method to hack her WhatsApp.

  • Download: First, you have to choose a hacking or spying app. Make sure the app is perfect. After that, you need to secretly use your girlfriend’s phone. Once you have it, you have to prepare it for download. Enable sources in her phone and disable play protect. After that, you have to go to the website of the app at and download the app on the phone.
  • Install: Once the download is completed, you have to install it on her phone. Open the file and install it manually.
  • Sign Up: Once you install the file on her phone, you have to open it. Give the necessary permissions to open the app. After that, you have to sign up and create your account. Complete the signup process and sign in to the app. Once it is done, close the app and hide it.
  • Login: To hack her WhatsApp, you have to log in to your account. You can do it at
  • WhatsApp Spy: Once you log in, you need to use the WhatsApp Spy option to hack her WhatsApp and check all activities.

Hacking an iPhone

Hacking an iPhone
Hacking an iPhone

If your girlfriend is using an iPhone, you have to use this method to hack her WhatsApp. It is simple and easy. You need to use her cloud credentials instead of installing the app on her phone.

  • Sign Up: You have to start with creating your account. Go to the website of the app and sign up. Complete the process and remember your credentials.
  • Cloud Panel: Now, you have to use the cloud panel option from the website. In the box, you have to enter her cloud credentials. It will help you to connect the app with her phone indirectly.
  • Login: Once the setup is complete, you can log in to your account from the website. Use your credentials to log in.
  • WhatsApp Spy: To hack her WhatsApp, you have to use the WhatsApp Spy option from the dashboard after you login. It will give you all the details of her WhatsApp.


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