How to Install Android Spy App (Remote Installation)

Nowadays, most people are using Android smartphones because they are cheap and contain most of the features.

Because of this reason, there is an increase in demand for Android spy apps. This type of spy app helps you to spy on Android devices.

To use an Android spy app, you have to install it on the phone. Only then will you be able to spy on the phone? If you want to know how to install an Android spy app, follow this guide.

What Is Android Spy App?

Android Spy App

With the popularity of Android devices growing every day, new challenges are being faced by parents everywhere. The Android platform and applications are becoming increasingly popular, and parents need to stay on top of their children’s online activities.

This is because children have virtually no control over their internet activities, which can lead to serious harm. Fortunately, there are a number of great options for monitoring your child’s behavior online.

Android spy apps are specially designed for spying on Android devices. You can monitor your child’s or employee’s smartphone activity with one of these applications. The best Android apps are easy to install and offer extensive features.

FreePhoneTracker is one of the best Android spy apps on the market. This app helps you to spy on Android phones as well as a tablet for free. You can use this app to track GPS locations, listen to voice recordings, and view saved files and multimedia. You can even monitor your internet browsing history, bookmarks, and appointments saved on the targeted device. Moreover, you can also get alerts whenever the SIM card is changed, allowing you to prevent any trouble from occurring.

Android spy apps can be installed without the owner’s knowledge secretly in the phone. If you are concerned about your children’s safety, installing an Android spy app is a great way to keep an eye on them.

Can You Install Android Spy App Remotely?

When it comes to Android spy apps, you have to compulsorily install the app on your Android phone. Without installation, you will not be able to spy on the phone. However, in Android phones, the installation process is manual.

You have to manually access the Android phone and then install the app inside it. There is no remote installation available on Android phones. On iPhone, you can use cloud credentials to remotely install the app. However, this option is not available on Android devices.

But Android spy apps are undetectable, so you don’t have to worry about getting caught. The app remains hidden in the phone and helps you to spy secretly.

How to Install Android Spy App?

How to Install Android Spy App

Android spy apps help you to spy on Android phones as well as tablets. In order to use this app, you need to follow the installation process. Unlike iPhone, you have to manually install the app. In Android phones, remote installation is not available. Here are the steps you need to follow in order to install the app.

Step 1: Download

The first thing you need to do is use an Android phone. You need to secretly open the phone and adjust some settings. Enable sources and disable play protect on the phone. After that, go to the website of the spy app and download the app on the phone. Click on the download link and download the APK file on the phone.

Step 2: Install

After downloading the APK file, you need to install the file on the phone. For manual installation, you need to open the file and click on the install option.

Step 3: Sign Up

Once you install the app, you need to open it. Give all the necessary permissions to open the app. After that, you need to click on the signup option and create your account. Make sure you log in to link the app with your account. Now, you can erase the browsing history and hide the app icon on the phone.

Step 4: Login and Spy

Lastly, you can now go to the website and click on login to access your spying account. Once you reach the account, use any of the features to remotely spy on the Android phone.

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