How to Spy on Cell Phone with IMEI Number

How to Spy on Cell Phone with IMEI Number

Spying on a cell phone has become a necessity for some people. These people spy on cell phones to find out the truth, protect their loved ones, or to monitor their activities.

When it comes to secret spying, nothing is better than spying on a cell phone. A person never parts with their cell phone. So by spying on a cell phone, we will come to know each and everything about them.

Earlier, there were very few ways of spying. People mostly used to crack the phone password in order to spy on the phone. But now, you don’t have to do that.

With the advancement in phone technology, there are new methods of spying. You can use these methods if you want to stay undetected. These are remote spying methods.

The best thing is that in some ways, you don’t even need the phone to spy on it.

Spying on Phone IMEI Number

Spying on Phone IMEI Number
Spying on Phone IMEI Number

There are many people who can simply spy on a phone with the help of an IMEI number. It is a number which is given on the back of the phone. When you open the back cover and remove the phone, you will get the IMEI number. It is also given on the phone box.

However, this number will only help you to track the location and nothing else. If you want to spy on the complete activities of a phone, you can use other easy methods.

The best method is to use a spy app. These are mobile apps that are specially designed for spying. You can use any of these apps. They are available in abundance on the internet.

These apps are simple and easy to use. You will be able to spy on each and every activity of the phone by using these apps. They are undetectable. You will be able to keep all your spying activities a secret.

The best thing about these apps is that it works with android and iPhone. You can use it to spy on any type of phone. Even if you know the IMEI number, you can use this method. It is much easier.

How to Spy on Cell Phone?

There are many ways of spying on a phone, but the easiest of all is by using spy apps. However, you have to be very careful while choosing a spy app.

As there are many spy apps available on the internet, few of them are fake and illegal. You have to consider various factors before you choose a spy app.

The app should be compatible with the phone. If you want to spy on iPhone, the app should support iPhone spying. The apps should be legal and safe. Make sure there are many spying features in the app.

Spying on Android

Spying on Android
Spying on Android

Spying on android is different from spying on iPhone. On an Android phone, you have to download and install the spy app on the phone. You have to access the phone to do it. Here are the steps to spy on an android phone.

  • Download: The first step is to download the spy app on the phone. After you choose the spy app, you need to download it from the website at You have to prepare the phone for downloading. Enable sources and disable play protect in the phone. After that, download the app from the web. Once you click on the link, the APK file will start downloading on the phone.
  • Install: After you download the APK file of the app on the phone, you have to install it. First, you have to locate the file in the download folder, and after that, you have to install it manually.
  • Sign up: Once the app is set up on the phone, you have to open it. Now, you have to create an account with the app. To do this, you have to use the signup option. Complete the signup process and sign in to the app. After that, close the app and hide it.
  • Login: This is the last step in the process. To spy on a phone, you have to log in to the account from your phone at and choose any of the options.

Spying on iPhone

Spying on iPhone
Spying on iPhone

The iPhone spying process is different from android. It is easier and simple. You just have to use cloud credentials.

  • Sign Up: You have to go to the website of the app and sign up to create your account. Complete the signup process and move on to the next step.
  • Cloud Panel: After the signup process, you have to go to the cloud panel option. Now, you only have to enter cloud credentials to connect the app and the phone.
  • Login: The last step is always the same. You just have to log in to the account and start spying on the phone.

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