3 Ways to Spy on WhatsApp Messages without Their Phone

WhatsApp is a very important messenger app. Most of the people in the world are using this app to communicate with each other.

This messenger app is free to use. You can use it with any type of phone. It helps you to send and receive messages. You can also share media files and call each other with the help of this app.

If you want to save money on international calls, you can use this app to call, and video calls your loved ones.

But you need to be very careful while using this app. There are many people who use this app to spread hare messages and fake messages.

These people are bullies and scammers. They target young kids who use WhatsApp to gather all the information and then blackmail them.

If your kids are using WhatsApp, you need to spy on it to make sure they are not chatting with strangers or sharing personal information with them.

WhatsApp Spying

WhatsApp Spying
WhatsApp Spying

WhatsApp spying means checking all the WhatsApp activities and messages secretly. You can check the chats, media as well as call logs to make sure your kids are safe.

It will help you to protect them from bullies and blackmailers. You can monitor their chats to check if they are doing something wrong. It will help you to control them.

It is very important to spy in WhatsApp. You will be able to gather a lot of information.

  • Personal Chats: By spying WhatsApp, you will be able to read all the personal messages. You can open personal chats and read it.
  • Group Chats: You can also read all the group chats. It will help you to know which all groups your kids are a part of.
  • Media: People mostly use WhatsApp to share media. When you spy on it, you will be able to check all the photos, videos and other media files.
  • Contact Details: There is a special feature where you can see all the WhatsApp contacts. You can check it to gather information about name and number including a profile picture.
  • Date/ Time: When you spy on WhatsApp, you will get all the details and information with proper date and time.

Three Ways to Spy on WhatsApp

There are many ways by which you can spy on WhatsApp. But most of the ways are old. You need to use the phone to spy on it. If you don’t want to use a phone, you can use modern ways of spying. In these methods, you don’t have to constantly use the phone. These methods support remote spying. You just have to use the phone once to install the software. Once it is done, you will not need the phone ever.



It is one of the best and trustworthy spying app in the market. You can use this app to spy on android phone and tablet along with iPhone and iPad. Most of the parents use this app because it is simple and easy to operate. You can use it for spying on WhatsApp. It is a discreet app. It will remain undetected while spying. To use this app you have to register your account for spying. After that, you need to install this app on the phone. If you want to spy on an android phone, you need to install the app once on the phone. This step is mandatory.

There is no other way. But if you want to spy on an iPhone, you can use the remote method and connect the phone via cloud account. After the installation is complete, you can log in to your account and select WhatsApp Spy feature to spy on all the WhatsApp messages.

You can download TheTruthSpy to Spy on WhatsApp at https://thetruthspy.com



FreePhoneTracker is another tracking app which helps you to spy on WhatsApp. You can use this app to spy on android phone and iPhone. It works with all types of phone. To use this app for spying on WhatsApp, you have to create your account. After that, you need to set up the app on the phone at app.freephonetracker.net. For iPhone, you can enter cloud credentials. For android, you need to download and install the software. These steps are mandatory. Once it is done, you can log in and use WhatsApp Spy option to spy on all the WhatsApp activities.



It is also a spying app. You can use this app to spy on WhatsApp. This can use this app to spy on android phone and iPhone. It supports all types of phone. This app works in a discreet way. No one will come to know that you are spying on their WhatsApp. You need to register your account and set up the app on the phone to start spying. In the end, you just need to login to your account and spy. To spy on WhatsApp, you have to choose the WhatsApp Spy option.

You can download FreePhoneSpy to Spy on WhatsApp at https://freephonespy.net


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