How to Track A Phone Number (100% Free)

How to Track A Phone Number (100% Free)

We all get calls from some random person while we’re busy and would like to know the caller’s details. In such instances, tracking a phone number can be a hard job because there are no perfect tools for this in the market. Most people back off from tracking a cell phone number, wondering if it’s too risky or complicated. However, there is a way to track phone numbers without any risk or technical background. Here’s a detailed guide for you to be able to track a phone number.

Tracking A Mobile Number

We always look for the best in everything, whether it’s career choices or phone tracking applications. Although there are numerous applications in the market that claim to provide the best phone tracking services, not all can be trusted. Every application has its special features and downsides as well. One of the best applications out there is FreePhoneTracker. It has almost no downside and comes with many unique features that are impossible to find in any other app.

FreePhoneTracker: The one-stop for all your needs


FreePhoneTracker is a mobile monitoring application with advanced technological features and mesmerizing benefits. It gives you access to every detail of the target’s phone.

Apart from tracking a device, FreePhoneTracker can do much more for you. It gives you total freedom to access every text, photo, video, or any file existing in the target device. All these features come without the need for root access or jailbreaking the other device. Here’s a list of some awesome features provided by the FreePhoneTracker application.

Social media application monitor: FreePhoneTracker app keeps an eye on all the social media applications on the target device. It monitors and reports every minute of activity held by the other person. Every social media application, it has a distinct module like a Snapchat spy, Twitter spy, WhatsApp spy, Facebook spy, and much more. You have the whole power to view that person’s texts and the people they talk to.

Key log: This feature enables you to keep a track of the keystrokes made by the other user. It includes saving the messages, usernames, passwords, and searches into your database. These keystrokes are carefully organized by the apps.

Call monitor: This particular feature is responsible for storing the details of the incoming and outgoing calls of the user. The data consists of peculiar details like caller identity, duration of the call, timestamps, and more. Furthermore, you can record the calls and hear them later on.

App monitor: The application monitor feature gives you a comprehensive list of all apps installed on the target device. Taking things a step further, FreePhoneTracker lets you restrict the user’s access to certain apps. This feature is particularly appreciated by parents who can now monitor their child’s activity on their mobile phones.

Features of the FreePhoneTracker app

The following aspects make the FreePhoneTracker stand out from the rest.

Stealth mode: While using the FreePhoneTracker app, that target user has no clue that you are monitoring their activity. The unique strategy of the app makes this a special feature. In this way, you can continue to keep an eye on the target device without alarming or notifying them.

Compatibility: This app can be downloaded and used on any iOS or Android device. It is not necessary to install the app on the target device. You just need the credentials of the iCloud account of the target user. But in Android phones, you need to install the app, but the creators added a twist to this as well. It requires less than 2MB of data to install and better yet, the app is diminished once installed from the icon list. Only the main user can launch it by entering an encrypted password. You can easily uninstall it with a simple click from your FreePhoneTracker dashboard.

No root access required: FreePhoneTracker app does not require any jailbreaking of the target device. This feature is missing from any other top mobile tracking applications in the market. So, you don’t need any root access to make the app work.

Web-based interface: FreePhoneTracker supports the mobile and web-based interface, unlike many cell phone tracking applications that require the app to be installed as a mandatory feature to use it. It is not necessary to download the application to benefit from its features. You can simply enjoy the cool features from your FreePhoneTracker dashboard through the web. This aspect protects your device from any security threats as well. There are a lot of apps that require us to download the app and we are always skeptical about it as they might contain viruses or bugs that can corrupt our device. With FreePhoneTracker, you do not have to worry.

Affordable pricing model: All the awesome features of the FreePhoneTracker app can be used with a cheap and flexible pricing model. Customers have found it almost inexpensive compared to all the benefits provided by the app. There are a bunch of cell phone tracking apps that cost a fortune and FreePhoneTracker beats all of these.

Cell phone tracking for dummies: After all these, you must be wondering about the technical knowledge required to handle the app. But the build and user interface of the app is so feasible that you do not need to have any technical knowledge to operate it. It is an intellectual setup wizard that can perform all the work on its own. When you use the dashboard, it even gives you a step-by-step guide on all the things it can do for you.

Initialization and setup: If you want the app, you can just download and install it. Once the installation process is finished, you can give the required access. If you have any questions, you can always refer to the demo video or reach out to their customer support team who are always at your disposal.


All these amazing benefits are just an arm’s reach away, so check out the favorite mobile tracking app preferred by millions of customers.

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