How to Track My Wife's Text Messages Without Her Knowing

How to Track My Wife’s Text Messages Without Her Knowing

In today’s digital era, hiding facts and information is not a big task. Here, the credit goes to security measures like setting up strong passwords that have been taken up by each individual in order to protect their privacy. In the case of couples, it has become quite normal to have fights and quarrels.  If you have a doubt whether something unusual is going on in your wife’s life without your knowledge, you might want to get to know everything in the best possible way. Wondering if this is ever possible. Well, the answer is YES! You can keep track of your wife’s device and get all the text messages without her knowing.

About Free Phone Tracker

About Free Phone Tracker
About Free Phone Tracker

Free Phone Tracker is a leading online application for Android, iPhone, and many other devices. Its major purpose is to provide device tracking and monitoring features in order to get all the information about the target device. Its specialty is that it is a remote-based online application wherein the target device does not have any knowledge about the tracking activities going on in the backend. This application is extremely useful in order to see all kinds of messages which are being sent and received from your wife’s phone, be it normal messages or WhatsApp messages, without her knowledge.

Benefits of using Free Phone Tracker

Given below are some major benefits of Free Phone Tracker which have also become the major reasons for its popularity today

  • The stealth mode feature makes its function as a remote-based application as it cannot be exposed or discovered. The target device need not be involved.
  • This application consists of web-based as well as app-based monitoring and accessibility.
  • All the issues related to jailbreaking and rooting to other devices are prevented efficiently.
  • The setup procedure is extremely simple to follow and can be done by anyone.

Steps to use Free Phone Tracker to Track Your Wife’s Text Messages

Steps to use Free Phone Tracker to Track Your Wife's Text Messages
Steps to use Free Phone Tracker to Track Your Wife’s Text Messages

Free Phone Tracker is one of the easiest and comfortable ways to track or monitor a device. You can get all the information in the world about a particular target device at your fingertips. Given below, are some simple steps to be followed in order to set up a Free Phone Tracker and get it working for you.

Step 1: Initially, you have to set up an account on Free Phone Tracker in order to get it actually working. Sign up can be done for free either online or by installing the app. Provide the right details and remember them for future use.

Step 2: Next, you have to enter the type of device to be tracked – iPhone or Android.

Step 3: A screen with a list of available packages along with the features of each will be displayed. Select the desired package.

Step 4: After entering the required details, click the START button to begin the tracking.

Step 5: For Android devices, you will be required to install the app in the target device. It occupies less storage space and can be hidden later. When you click the start button, all the information about the target device will be displayed.

Step 6: For iPhone devices, you need not download the application in the target device. Tracking can be carried out from anywhere. You are required to input the iCloud credentials of your wife’s device alone in order to get the work started.

Step 7: After performing the right procedure for a particular operating system type, you can now hit the START button to view the dashboard. This dashboard will be used to generate all the necessary information about your wife’s device after the data is loaded from her phone.

The Keylogger Feature on the Dashboard

One of the most efficient ways of accessing your wife’s text messages is through the keylogger option available on the dashboard.

After getting started with Free Phone Tracker, look for the “Keylogger” option on the dashboard. This feature allows you to access all the keystrokes of the target device. This feature can be used to get to know what exactly your wife has been typing for the entire day.

Get all her text messages directly

In addition to the keylogger feature, you can also click on the text messages option to get your wife’s entire chat list and history. This method is considered to be a better option than the previous one as you can get all of her text messages directly without any hassle.


Free Phone Tracker is an ideal application for kinds of tracking and monitoring of a particular target device. You can easily get to know the signs of cheating well in advance. This application has become an essential resource to monitor the target device. This application also helps to prevent all forms of cyber-crimes and you can keep your loved ones safe from the hands of spam and frauds.

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