3 Ways to Track My Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing

Most of the people in the world believe that only husbands can cheat on their wives. But it is not at all true.

Times have changed. Nowadays, it is very common for wives to cheat as well. Gone are the days when all wives were loyal.

Husband’s mostly work away from home, which makes it easier for the wife to cheat on them.

If you suspect that your wife is cheating on you, take some action. Most of the husbands track their wife’s phone to spy on them.

When you track their phone, you will get all the information about them. You will be able to check who they are talking to, which places they visit, and what they do on social media.

You need to track their phone in such a manner that they are not aware of it. If they come to know that you are tracking their phone, they will become alert.

Tracking Wife's Phone
Tracking Wife’s Phone

Benefits of Tracking Wife’s Phone

By tracking your wife’s phone, you will get a lot of information from it.

  • Call LogsYou will be able to check all her call logs by tracking her phone. You can see with whom she is talking on the phone. You can check the call duration along with all the other details of the caller.
  • Messages: You can also read all your wife’s text messages. You can see with whom she is chatting. You can check all the incoming as well as outgoing messages. It helps you to check the messages media and the sender’s details.
  • Track LocationPhone tracking helps you to track all her locations. You can track her live location as well as her past locations. It will help you to know if she is lying about her location.
  • Social Media: You can also track all her social media apps on the phone. You will be able to check her Facebook activities, Snapchat activities, and Instagram activities. You can check who she talks to on social media.
  • Multimedia: When you track her phone, you get to check her phone gallery. You can open her phone gallery and check all her pictures and videos. Most of the women hide all their secrets in their phone gallery.

Three Ways to Track Wife’s Phone

There are plenty of ways to track your wife’s phone, but not all methods are safe. Most of the methods are not really discreet. If you use these methods to track her phone, she will become aware. You need to use discreet ways of tracking her phone.



FreePhoneTracker is a very popular mobile spying app. Many people use this app to track their partner’s phone. If you want to use all the advanced tracking features to track your wife’s phone, this app is perfect for you. It is compatible with all the latest phones. You can use this app to track android phone and tablet along with iPhone and iPad. You can use it to track your wife’s phone easily as it is compatible with all phones. The best thing about using this app is that it is discreet. It will stay hidden on her phone. She will never come to know that you are tracking her phone. You just have to follow three simple steps to track her phone.

[mks_button size=”medium” title=”DOWNLOAD FREE PHONE TRACKER NOW” style=”rounded” url=”https://app.freephonetracker.net/” target=”_self” bg_color=”#000000″ txt_color=”#FFFFFF” icon=”” icon_type=”” nofollow=”0″]

In this step, you have to install the app secretly on her phone. If she is using an iPhone and you know her cloud credentials, then you can use the remote installation. Once the installation is complete, you can log in to your account at https://freephonetracker.net/mobile-tracker-free/ and start tracking all her phone activities.



TheTruthSpy is a spying app for android phones. You can use this app if your wife is using an android phone or tablet. This app has various tracking features. It is simple and easy to use. It is a hidden app. However, it works in a secret way to keep tracking activities a secret. Your wife will never come to know about it. In order to track her phone, you need to register your account. After that, you need to download and install the app secretly on her phone. The last step is to log in and track. You can use any of the tracking options to track her phone.



You can also use GuestSpy for tracking your wife’s phone. This app is perfect for tracking, as it contains various tracking options. This app works secretly on the phone. You can use this app to track android and iPhone. To use this app, you have to register your account and set up the app on her phone. Once the setup is done, you can log in to the account and start tracking her phone. This app is simple and user-friendly. Anybody can use this app with ease.


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