Mobile Tracking Apps - Methods that Work to Find Lost Phone

Mobile Tracking Apps: How to Find Lost Phone


Lost your mobile!  There are many instances wherein one may put it on the table in a restaurant and forget it. After sometime when he/she comes back to collect he/ she finds it missing. Or maybe, lose the mobile phone while travelling in the mad rush of a city bus. Such situations are quite common in today’s world. However, fret not. With the help of mobile applications and tracking options, you can easily find the phone. And what if you are unable to? Well, in such cases, you can erase the data and secure all the important information. Let us talk in detail about this to give you comprehensive know-how of all the possibilities.


Feeling panic! True. In this modern age, man has relied heavily on technology so much that his very existence will be nothing devoid of it. The smartphone has become a part and parcel of his life and an inseparable entity. In today’s faced life, we store all our confidential, sensitive personal information and all transactions from education to business on our mobile phones. However, this secret information regarding the financial issues and the photos of near and dear can be misused by others who find it.  If such things happen the loss in terms of social, emotional and financial aspects turns out to be beyond measure.

Do Not Fret

One feels totally embarrassed, confused and at crossroads not knowing what to do and how to get it back or how to retrieve the information stored in the mobile. New mobile can be purchased if money is not the problem but getting the lost contacts and other invaluable information makes him jeopardized.


How would it be if one anticipates the loss and prepares himself with ways and means of protecting it and for a possible recovery or tracking? It’s always advisable to take all necessary steps and precautionary measures as the saying goes ‘prevention is better than cure’.  The users are advised to think of a suitable tracking system soon after they buy android mobiles. Nowadays many mobile companies are bringing out the latest versions with mobile tracking apps.

Install the right App

Downloading and installing the right apps from the Google Play store with foresight and vision is one of the ideas that are likely to work.  Link your device and app to Google account by just providing the needed basic details such as your Email Id and password. Complete the verification/set up process.

You should make a note of your mobile IMEI number and Serial Number for your ready reference which will be handy in tracking your mobile in case of theft or loss.

The android setting for privacy

Take all Privacy and Security measures such as a set pin or passwords for your home screen and all apps.

The latest technology enables the users to have more security for their instruments by using Finger Print Sensors and Face Recognition Technology without which the screen will not open and give access.

By dialling *#06#  from your dialer you can get the IMEI Number of your mobile and by going to the settings option and then to About My Phone section of your phone you can note the Serial Number.

Action Plan for Tracking /Recovery

Action Plan for Tracking /Recovery
Action Plan for Tracking /Recovery

Be cool. Don’t worry.

Yes. There are more ways than one to get it back. Without feeling tensed, do the needful. There are many tools that can help to track your phone. You can make use of apps on mobile or on a laptop/desktop, and using Google account.

When your phone is lost and you are in dire necessity of tracking it you need to think of a course of action, some viable options worth considering.

If you have noted down the IMEI number and a serial number of your mobile before you lost it, you can approach the police and register a complaint about tracing it out. Since IMEI Number is a unique number the task will be somewhat easier.

Lock your phone and mobile applications

You can lock your phone, check the sign-ins into your account, and try to call so that the person who holds the phone can be tracked through GPS. If you suspect someone and almost confirm, rather than tackling the issue yourself which can prove to be dangerous, approaching the police would be a better option.

Use of Mobile Tracking Apps in Tracking

Use of Mobile Tracking Apps in Tracking
Use of Mobile Tracking Apps in Tracking

Almost all the leading branded smartphones are coming into the market with built-in apps for tracking the instruments in case of loss, misplacement, or theft. They work well with the prerequisites of the lost phone being switched on, connected to Wi-Fi network or mobile data, GPS location on and linked to Google.

You can try many mobile tracking apps at:

Besides third-party apps are also there

You may download and install these apps easily by visiting the Google Play Store.

Built-in mobile trackers

Let us first see how these preinstalled built-in mobile trackers work. They offer many features and make tracking a simple task, of course, they have their own limitations. Using these apps you can lock your phone remotely. Lock your home screen, erase your instrument, track your phone with GPS on, and play a sound remotely. These can be linked to smartwatches and tablets too. If your device is connected to Google account, then automatically the tracker app will be on. If the lost android instrument is switched on and the location is turned on and connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data you can easily track your mobile. This way these trackers aid or assist you in tracing the lost piece.

Send a message to your phone

Another added feature which comes with these trackers is You can also send a message giving your phone number, and if someone by chance finds your phone and of course he should be fair-minded he will make a call to the number texted by you and that way you can track.

Track using the GPS Location

Track using the GPS Location
Track using the GPS Location

Alternatively, you can also try another option that is logging into Google account from any other browser, another phone if you have one. Search to find my android ( device option. You are most likely to locate your mobile if is connected to some Wi-Fi network, and GPS is on. This tag or string is a must in order to track the lost mobile phone at any point in time. This option is also not without any element of risk that is if you logged into Google account from some other’s smartphone or Laptop and leave without logging out from your accounts, the other person can have access to your account and in all possibility misuse the opportunity.

Keep Trying

Despite your best efforts still, you are not able to locate your phone. This means that your mobile must have been switched off, (or naturally into that mode due to lack of charging) or not connected to any Wi-Fi network/GPS on. In that case, you need to keep on trying so that if at any point of time your phone is switched on and have the net connection then you will be able to locate on the Google map.

Third-Party Apps

Though the preinstalled built-in Google tracker apps are the best solution for tracking the lost android phones, there is some good third party app also which can serve the purpose well besides providing some additional features. One such app keeps the members of a family intact by enabling them to chat, send messages to one another about meeting time or point and tracking them, to know what the members are doing and where they are at any point of time.

Connect and get an Alarm

This type of app lets you protect three devices by giving an alarm sound. It allows you to take screenshots if it is in use and even lock your phone remotely.

Find your phone using a website

There is an app which keeps you in contact with your lost phone through their web site. There are many special features of this app. It allows you to erase the private, personal, sensitive, and confidential information on your lost phone to avoid any kinds of misuse. Moreover, you can activate the phone to forward the calls to a different number. What more? You can record and preserve any messages or the list of calls that come. It does not end here. You can also track the pictures and other media on your phone. Basically this app aims at tracking the lost phone just like the other apps. Also, it prevents the anonymous user from making any changes to the mobile apps with the help of a passcode.

Mobile Tracker apps

Mobile Tracker apps
Mobile Tracker apps

In addition to the apps which are useful in tracking the lost mobiles, there are certain other mobile tracker tools. They provide several features and work by keeping an eye on the media applications. For example, incoming and outgoing messages of WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Gmail, Snapchat, Telegram, Hangouts. Further, you can keep a track on the the movements of the children and employees using GPS. They also track the SMS and MMS received and sent, call lists incoming and outgoing. Also, record along with details like call time, duration etc., GPS location tracking of the lost phone live, the images, and photos taken by the user.

Is live streaming possible?

This software enables one to enjoy live streaming of what happens on the lost phone’s screen. Additionally using this software, you can access the download manager of the missed phone, You can also check the activity on the phone after losing it. This includes the knowhow of the files uploaded or downloaded. The loser can block all the application of the phone and thus prevent him from having access to the phone.

Whether they are in-built mobile tracking apps or Google apps or third-party apps all are absolutely free. They offer excellent features and it‘s up to the users to utilize them properly.

Cannot retrieve your phone

You can try to follow up with the service provider/carrier for an insurance claim.

What is the premium payment update from the time of purchase? If the policy cover is in force, you are good to receive the benefits.  Depending on the terms and conditions in practice, the carrier will take a call. Either refer it to the third party insurance company for a replacement option. However, if a replacement cannot happen then you can opt for a monetary claim subject to verification.

Temporary Misplacement

Sometimes it so happens that you put your phone somewhere in your home or office and you forget. You don’t have much time and you are in a hurry to leave. You start feeling anxious because most of your work depends on your mobile. In fact, in today’s world, without a mobile phone, you are sure a handicap. In such a situation you can make use of the services of the Google Assistant.

How does Google Assistant help?

You can command the Google Assistant to find your device for you. It verifies the exact device to trace out. This is because all the family members have individual phones. Also, in many cases, people have more than one phone. On confirmation, Google Assistant will make the device ring even if it is on mute. However, you ought to remember a few things, in this case, your mobile should be in the “switch on” mode. Also, network connectivity and GPS should be in the working state.

Constraints or Limitations

To tack the phone, switch on the phone and connect it to a Wi-Fi network or mobile data.

Last Resort

What is you cannot retrieve or get back your mobile having done all efforts? Simple. You can erase all the data from your device and suspend the home screen from working. By using the factory resetting option, you can easily erase the data in all the apps. This will help you in making your phone fresh as ever. Also, so that at least to reduce the effects of misuse of data. You can also block the IMEI Number of your phone. Further, inform the same to the police and the service provider also. Further, one who finds the device cannot register it on any other cellular networks. In addition, the network blacklists the number and removes it from the database of the service provider. This prevents anyone from using it.


However, being able to track a lost android device is not in our hands. We can put forth our best possible efforts. However, success is subject to a number of factors which are beyond our control and imagination.

Let us hope for the best.

Rick J Smith

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