How to Track a Lost Phone

How to Track A Lost Phone

The advent of mobile phones becomes the most important necessity for people to perform their day to day activities. Losing the phone is the most horrible situation. The mobile is the most personal accessory, which contains not only private information but also cut-off the connection to the outside world. Regardless of how it was lost, either it was stolen or by self mistake, replacing the mobile is the most stressful act to perform as it involves many things to be fulfilled.

All About Tracking Smart Device

Steps to be taken to track the lost device
Steps to be taken to track the lost device

In order to avoid these circumstances, we need to take some safety measures to restore the lost mobile phone. Most of the Androids phones provides built-in tools to locate the phone, either it was misplaced or stolen. Firstly, we need to set some features on the phone to locate the lost phone. We should also aware that we can’t track the phone unless it is switched on and connected to the Internet.

Steps to be taken to track the lost device

Try locating the phone with the inbuilt software. Log in using the IMEI number.

  • Check if there is any alert of log in from unknown device.
  • Send a message from a different number alerting all the relatives and friends to beware of any hacking or suspicious messages, phone calls.
  • The phone has a Password alert app. Change the passwords of all the accounts on the phone.
  • Select the Account Access and log out from all the devices that hold the accounts.
  • Redirected the calls to a different number.
  • Make sure to turn off the sim to prevent any happenings of the unexpected.
  • Erased all the data present in the phone.
  • Clear all the saved passwords or “remember me” which can cause a danger.
  • Luckily, there is an Advanced protection with a unique pass code.
  • There are apps to track the location, including the messages sent, date, type, time, etc.
  • Check if there is any requirement for the phone to be rooted.
  • Track the SMSs or MMSs sent from the targeted phone to any recipients during any time.
  • You can start viewing the location of the phone, including the longitude, latitude and location address.

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Tracking A Lost Android

Tracking A Lost Android
Tracking A Lost Android

Create a secure screen lock

Turn on passcode and fingerprint authentication in the Settings application under the Security section of your mobile phone. Now, create a passcode and set to scan the fingerprint to unlock your phone screen. It might be inconvenient to enter the passcode and scan the fingerprint every time you use the device to access the photos, emails, apps and rest of your device data. This extra step of unlocking a phone is full worthy if you consider the potential impact when your personal information was viewed by a stranger.

Usage of Find My Device

Find My Device is a must-have an app for Android users to locate your lost phone. It is free to download from the Play Store. After installation, it asks you sign-in to your Google account in your device, Find My Device is automatically enabled or turned on. In order to make sure about Find My Device is enabled, go through the Settings > Security > Find My Device. If not, toggle the switch On. As long as, this app is turned on and connected to the Internet either by Wi-Fi or mobile data, you can locate the device.
Alternatively, we can track the device by going through Google > Security > Find My Device.

Download Find My Device

Remotely tracking the lost device

Using another android device with Find My Device app installed or in the browser of a computer or any smart device, we can locate the lost device, immediately after signing in to the Google account.

On the left side of the Find My Device app has three options PLAY SOUND, SECURE DEVICE, ERASE DEVICE. You can choose to PLAY SOUND, it will be helpful to locate the phone misplaced somewhere at the home. Choosing SECURE DEVICE you can lock the device while displaying a message with a phone number to call back you on the lock screen and sign out of your Google account. No worries, after sign out also you can track the mobile.

A few pointers

If someone finds your mobile, all they have to do is calling your number displayed on the lock screen. Finally, choose ERASE DEVICE remotely, if nothing works out. It will erase all your data. Otherwise, your personal data might be misused. After erasing data, you will no longer able to track the device.

Track your device using the following steps

Track your device using the following steps
Track your device using the following steps

In the event of your device missing, by following these steps can make possible to track your device with ease.

In addition to this, some Android devices, company-specific phone tracker app will be available. It is better to use, as it provides service to find lost mobile as well as to take a backup of the data remotely. Remotely, we can unlock and control the phone. It also notifies if Sim card is swapped out by someone. All you need to do is to create an account in the initial setup of the tracker app. Turn On the tracker app in the Security feature of the Settings app. It is worth keeping on as it sends the last location to the app server before the battery runs out. To track the lost device, you can log in to the company website.

You have paid options to choose

If your phone manufacturer doesn’t provide any of these services to track your lost phone, some paid services are available to locate your phone. Before paying the subscription fee, it is advised to read the terms of the policy. When you get clarity, your phone never gets back to you, report it to the carrier and blacklist your device, it prevents someone from using your phone.

Finally, if you have insurance to your phone, apply for a claim to replace the phone or pay the required amount as per the policy to get the replacement.

Tracking your Partner without their knowledge

Tracking your Partner without their knowledge
Tracking your Partner without their knowledge

There are various reasons to track your loved ones mobile to know exactly where the person is located. You can track your kids or anyone you loves for their safety and security. Sometimes, you may feel that loved one might be cheating you. Whatever may be the reason, there are several options available to track the location without their knowledge. Otherwise, it may lead to the worst end. You will be confident by knowing the location of your loved one and or kids, who are living away from you when you can’t reach them either through phone or social media. As a parent, it is terrible if not know how your kids are using their phone or tablet.

Some questions may arise in your mind, how to track my kid mobile without their permission and knowledge.

GPS tracking of your partner

GPS technology literally locates anything that has software or hardware for receiving a signal. It can be used on various devices.

GPS car tracking

If you want to track your partner movements using a car then you can use this option. You can use any available software to track GPS installed car or you can hide a small GPS tracking device inside the car and track him/her from any device like a computer or phone having internet connection. This way of tracking is inexpensive and safe. However, it fails if they use other means of transport.

GPS cell phone tracking using smartphone apps

GPS phone tracking requires the installation of software in your partner mobile. You can install these apps secretly without their permission. Your partner never knows about these apps installed in his/her mobile. Furthermore, many tracking partner phone is available, but they are expensive. Sellers too have legal issues in dealing with these apps. Also, the developer not giving a guarantee, that your partner will never discover the app.

Consider all these facts before purchasing the app

These apps provide specialized monitoring tools for smart devices. Cell phone tracking software allows you to monitor your partner data such as present GPS location, text messages, call logs and many more. It also helps parents to monitor the kid’s usage of smartphones. One of the intended purposes of this tracking software is to protect them from online dangers. That way, we can block the websites which are harmful.

By following these steps, we can start tracking

Almost, all cell phone tracker software app follow these general to rules of payment and installation. They also provide some offers like one-month subscription free. They also provide the information about supported OS etc. Firstly, we need to create an account by visiting the official cell phone tracker app using your Email. On successful signup, they will send a link to your email to confirm your account. once confirmed, they activate your account. After the successful subscription, they send a link to download and install the cell phone tracker app.

Allow access permissions of device data

While installing, we need to allow access permissions of device data to be tracked. Once set up was done, you can start monitoring the desired device. Now you need to go the control panel of your computer, on the left, you can choose and monitor any of the options such as calls, location, messages, geofences etc. in the dashboard. Similarly, you can use other cell phone tracker app based on the reviews and rating.

GSM Tracking

The Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) tracking works based on the signal strength of the mobile. Using this, you can also track any mobile using SIM CARD of the phone. It doesn’t require installation of any software or hardware.

Enable GPS

GSM requires the permission of the device user. It is ridiculous to take your phone to give permissions. Alternatively, it is better to enable GSM tracking to all the family members is a good idea. So that your partner won’t bother about this as it a safety measure for the entire family.

By these ways, you can track your partner or loved ones mobile phone using risky and expensive GPS TRACKING or honest and inexpensive GSM TRACKING.

Tracking A Lost iPhone

Tracking A Lost iPhone
Tracking A Lost iPhone

Many ways are available to track an iPhone using phone number. Some times there is a need to locate lost, misplaced or someone else device. You can track your own device or access secretly your child or any of your family member. There are ways to find iPhone location. Most popular ways to locate iPhone for free using the iPhone number.

Find My iPhone

Using your iCloud account associated with iPhone device can track your iPhone not requiring any software installation.

Find My iPhone
Find My iPhone

Here are steps to follow to track your iPhone from any other iOS device using

  1. Log in to your iCloud account entering your iPhone ID and password.
  2. On the screen you see the dashboard, select Find My iPhone. Toggle the sliders next to Find My iPhone and Last Location to enable them.
  3. In the top menu select My Devices, then click on the device to be tracked, the interactive map shows the exact current location of your device. For this, the lost device should be On and Connected to the Internet.

Additionally, we have options such as PLAY RINGER, LOST MODE, ERASE IPHONE to play sound, locking the device data, deleting all the iPhone data respectively.

Learn more Find My iPhone at:

Play Ringer

Play Ringer option is used to set alarm for 2 minutes in full volume, so that if any notices your device and return it to you.

Lost Mode

By enabling Lost Mode, it locks your iPhone and displays a custom message on the screen. Previously, if your device has no lock it prompts to enter the passcode to unlock. Also prompts for the message to display and phone number to call you. Now enable the Lost Mode. Once you recover your iPhone you can unlock using your passcode.

Erase Mode

Enabling Erase Mode erases all the contents of your device to maintain your privacy. Before opting this, try to find sing Play Ringer and Lost Mode. Once erased, it no longer is able to locate an iPhone using Find My iPhone. When you click on Erase Mode, it sends a confirmation message to your Email. It starts erases the data if the lost device connected to the Internet. If the erased phone is recovered, you do need to restore data using your recent backup. Only opt for Erase Mode, if you believe there is no hope of retrieving your lost phone at any cost.

Free iPhone tracker apps

Free iPhone tracker apps
Free iPhone tracker apps

Many iPhone tracker apps are available for free or cost. Choose the best on your requirement and also based features provided by the app. You can track the requirements by phone number, iPhone ID or secretly. It’s upon you to choose the right one. You know this by visiting their site, also by reviews and ratings on the app. But be cautious about the legal license of the software before purchase. To install these apps follow the instructions given by the provider with care and try to track your device in all possible ways.

In order to track Someone’s device secretly, the only way is using reliable GPS tracking applications.

Use reliable GPS tracking applications

Use reliable GPS tracking applications
Use reliable GPS tracking applications

Usually, the steps to follow to locate Android and iPhone are almost similar. But the implementation of tracking applications might vary. Be prepared to recover your lost data by taking regular backups, is the best thing to do. You can track and restore your iPhone. By grace, if restored, everything works fine. Otherwise, you can buy a new device, but not the lost content in your device.

It is always advisable to immediately log in from a friend’s phone and try checking out the recent location or erase/lock the data on the phone.

An app also helps to track the phone with family members in the group. It facilitates to show the icons of the family members added in that group on the map. This can help any one of them who are tracking the phone at real-time when the GPS tracker. But still, this is constrained to only those who are close to the family/trustworthy. It can be even texted or broadcasted as a meeting in the family circle. Even if the phone is lost this can go on and help in locating the phone.

Few apps can provide the advanced purchase or the pay at a premium price that can help them ring even if the mobile is silent or incognito. It can even take screenshots of the running phone that can be accessed from the registered email id from any other phone or even laptop.

Stealth mode can enable the robber from seeing the incoming texts and in fact alert the owner.

Due to globalization and other advancements, various advantages are ripped by the people. Most of the mobile applications provide incognito mode so as to be safe even if the mobile is theft.



Safe from virus attacks

It is always advisable to choose an app that cannot be affected by the virus or any type of malware. They will protect the phone from any types of threats so that it won’t stop working during the time of need. Also one should make sure that the type of application you are downloading itself is not an app that contains a virus which targets your personal information and prone you to any unexpected threat.

Facilitates remote controlling

It is of no use if you have an app that doesn’t have the feature of remote controlling or management of the phone. It is always useful that when the phone is robbed you can access the phone from some other mobile or any other electronic device. This will let you change the passwords, check on GPS etc.

Easy to install and use

Not all apps are easy nut to crack. There can be a long process of installation and running. Preferably, for better comfort and experience, it is better to choose an app that will not have a difficult process of installation. This will increase the experience of the user and helps in saving his time rightly by providing the best service.

Agreement with the target device

It is important to make sure that the phone you want to download the application has proper OS like google, windows, iOS. The app should run smoothly without any trouble. Also, check if the app supports your OS.


The information on the phone must be safe and secured. So we should make sure that the app will provide this necessity. Only the person with access should view the data on it or make changes. We should not let the app provider make use of the data on the phone without our permission, or in should the data should be encrypted.

Incognito mode

It is very important that the locator or tracking app is incognito. This should be so because, the robber should be unaware of this and thus, the owner can take action of either locking the data or erasing it. You may further lock by giving a unique passcode. Only the remote control and management should be able to access with full consent.


Few apps provide premium security to the phone at premium prices. They can provide the features that the free apps don’t. This is beneficial to those who think their phones have important details, such as businessmen. Those features may include speed tracker, stoppage tracker, device disconnection report, emergency communication etc.

Easy to us

Technology has changed. Thus the way of life has to change too. Apps that provide access from the wearable such as smartwatches etc. should be preferred, full-time vehicle location, speed tracker.

Customer care

If you are unaware to use mobile phones, there is always customer support that can be accessed. Apps must be selected that has high customer support ratings so that when there is any difficulty, they will be available 24/7 to help.

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